Discover | Design Thinking for Growth

“Design thinking is an approach to solving problems especially suited to conditions of high uncertainty.”

- Prof.Jeanne Liedtka      

There are several processes out there help leaders solve their organizational challenges, manage change, grow and innovate. A new approach trending is design thinking.

Discover Design Thinking Framework empowers you to become a creative catalyst with a systematic approach to Innovation in the workplace. The core principles of design thinking and leadership will help organization to solve business challenges and build a culture for Innovation by organization wide deployment.

The Functional Innovation™ Methodology is customized to the products, process and business model that will enable participants to systematically generate ideas towards achieving innovation objectives identified by the client organisation.

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Is Design Thinking the TQM of 21st Century?

“Once upon a time, managers thought that quality belonged to a set of experts – but TQM taught us that quality had to be everybody’s job.
An university research on organic growth, most managers looked at innovation in a similarly limited way - they felt that innovation was the Product Development Department’s job. A common language or methodology that equips non-designers / designers at all levels to learn the new ways of thinking and behaving that innovation demands”

Source : Forbes