Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is a comprehensive set of frameworks that is revolutionizing business strategy and innovation. At the heart of Strategic Innovation is the value curve and strategy canvas, a powerful way to visualize business strategies.

Whereas traditional approaches to strategy formulation focus on staying ahead of the competition, Strategic Innovation puts the customer at the centre of your strategy. It strives to make the competition irrelevant by challenging the conventional assumptions that operate within an industry.

Strategic Innovation helps you to create new market space by:

  • Looking beyond the established boundaries and conditions within your industry to invent new strategic growth options
  • Understanding your competitors but not letting them set your strategic agenda
  • Understanding non-customers and discovering how to turn them into customers
  • Not letting your existing capabilities limit your pursuit of value creation
  • Breaking the low cost vs. differentiation trade-off that traditional strategy methods stipulate

Innovation Management Assessment and Implementation

"Why is it, that developing systemic innovation capability needs development?”

The OECD and other institutions state that innovation is the single biggest driver for growth, productivity, and prosperity, and it is common knowledge that organizations who innovate consistently and continuously tend to do far better than the ones that don’t. It is also true that many of the organizations that do innovate and have been successful at it, still struggle with making innovations repeatable. Developing real innovation capability requires an adequate, structured and coherent approach. There are viable approaches to developing true innovation capability.

“Developing real innovation capability requires an adequate, structured and coherent approach.”

It is true that shareholders and other interested parties’ expectations are quickly shifting to requirements for evidence-based innovation management and transparently integrated reporting. Shareholders want to protect their investment and ensure corporations they invest in remain relevant, competitive, achieve sustainability goals and increase their financial performance. Stock analysis and rating firms are now looking for innovation capability evidence that will influence stock pricing. In other words: evidence-based innovation management is quickly becoming a requirement.

These and other reasons, such as having a common definition and language for innovation, and clearly defined innovation requirements for building superior innovation capability, is why the Innovation Maturity Model was developed as the solution to achieving effective and sustained innovation.

To meet the innovation challenge, Innomantra in collaboration with TIM Foundation is providing Innovation Capability and Maturity Assessment services to selected organizations who are interested in gaining insight into possible improvement areas, and consequently, in significantly improving their innovation capabilities over time. The Innovation Management Assessment provides the following:

  • A Pre-assessment management overview briefing
  • Thorough review of direct and supporting processes, documentation and evidence
  • Strategic personnel interviews and employee survey
  • Post-assessment management de-briefing
  • Detailed assessment report with summary of findings and list of advised improvements
  • Innovation Maturity level placement and confidential rating
  • A roadmap on how to go forward to achieving effective and sustained innovation management
  • Complimentary register copy of the core set of innovation documents

Each assessment is confidential and conducted by TIM-Certified Innovation Standards Professionals at Innomantra who have both a practical experience in innovation management and a thorough knowledge of the TIM Foundation Innovation Maturity Model.

The actual assessment criteria are based on the requirements of the Innovation Management Standard and the TIM Innovation Maturity Grid, now being used by multi-national corporations and by leading universities for educational purposes. Organizations who participate in the assessment will receive the following benefits:

  • Increased awareness of innovation management systems and implementation methods
  • Realization of the processes and tools needed to improve innovation capabilities
  • Better understanding how innovation can be integrated into business operations
  • Knowledge of your internal gaps and improvements needed
  • Understanding on how to go forward to improve your innovation capabilities

To participate in the Innovation Capability and Maturity Assessment for your organization, please do contact us for preliminary Pre-Assessment for no cost.

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