Design Thinking for Digital Transformation

“The technology advancement is creating a more connected world: 8 billion devices are now connected to the internet; by 2030, that number is forecast to grow to 1 trillion.”

- World Economic Forum     

Digital innovation is reshaping industries by disrupting existing business and operating models, but it is also having a profound impact on business through deep understanding of customer value by presenting a series of opportunities and challenges. Over the years, Innomantra has developed several innovation methodologies and digital transformation framework using ‘Discover Design Thinking for Growth’ methodology to support a consistent way of measuring technology's impact on business growth and reach wider market. The goal is this framework to provide a base of evidence ensuring that the benefits of digital transformation are equally and widely shared across your business for transformational growth in digital economy.

Rethinking Future, beyond Products and Services

Offering products and services is no longer enough: successful companies will be the ones focused on delivering the most compelling experiences. In fact, 56% of business leaders believe that customer experience is their top digital transformation priority. Customers expect and value increasingly personalized interactions at all points of their journey, and digital technology is enabling companies to deliver personalization economically at scale. Organisations should evaluate opportunities to cater to customer preferences for access-based models, before competitors or start-ups sweep in.

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“Today’s customer expects more, well informed, have a voice, choice and aspire next. Thus, globally the most Innovative companies are associated with ‘Design Thinking’ for their Digital Transformation”

“Discover Design Thinking for Growth, a path-finder for deeper insights, collaboration, influencing Innovation with a newer possibility”

“A high-pitched focus on the needs of customer to unlock your true potential of your people, and to lead the industry in your Digital Transformation journey”