Functional Innovation

The Functional Innovation is an integrated approach to creative ideation and problem solving which incorporates aspects from several well-known ideation and problem solving techniques. FI developed out of a research study that involved analysing 30,000+ recent innovations and 10,000+ highly cited patents in order to identify common patterns and develop useful heuristics.

In the 1960s, Swiss Physicist Fritz Zwicky developed the method of ‘Morphological Analysis’ for complex problems. Around the same time, Soviet Scientist Genrich Altshuller formulated a method for systematic problem solving after reviewing more than 40,000 patent abstracts. FI methodology includes elements derived from these two approaches. It has also been influenced by the ‘Design Thinking' process introduced by Herbert Simon and the ‘Creative Problem Solving’ method pioneered by Alex Osborn.

The Functional Innovation™ Methodology is customized to the products, process and business model that will enable participants to systematically generate ideas towards achieving innovation objectives identified by the client organisation.

We study and conduct various researches related to the products, process and services provided by the client organisation subsequently, we design and develop a client centric framework and enable innovators in the organisation with the skills to systematically generate and implement ideas with their newly acquired skill to innovation challenges at their organisation. The ideas generated using this approach is taken further through the process of appreciation and implementation.

We use following proven framework with a business outcome of creating an idea bank of patentable or profitable ideas and instigating innovation projects at various levels in the organisation.

• Invent

Accelerated Product Innovation

• Impact

Reinventing Process / Service

• Imagine

Business Model Innovation

• Ingenuity

Measuring Innovation

Discover | Design Thinking for Growth

“Design thinking is an approach to solving problems especially suited to conditions of high uncertainty.”
- Prof.Jeanne Liedtka

There are several processes out there help leaders solve their organizational challenges, manage change, grow and innovate. A new approach trending is design thinking. read more

Innovation Workshops

Modern organizations have brought about sensational progress for humanity in less than two centuries―the blink of an eye in the overall timeline of our species. None of the recent advances in human history would have been possible without organizations as vehicles for human collaboration. And yet, many people sense that the current way we run organizations has been stretched to its limits. We are increasingly disillusioned by organizational life. Innomantra helps organisations to invent a more powerful, more soulful, more meaningful way to work together, by enabling to change our belief.

Implement: Building an Innovative Culture

Overview: This intervention aims at creating an environment and organizational culture which stimulates and supports continuous Innovation.

Intervention Highlights:
  • Functional Innovation™ (Download PDF)
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Design Thinking ™ (Download PDF)
  • TRIZ™ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
  • Inquire - Seeding Innovation Challenge

10 Benefits of Functional Innovation Engagement

  • Experience Innovation Tools - Ideation process and generating high quality Ideas in Product, Process and Business Models
  • Enable technologists and people from every function to innovate systematically
  • Exposure to patent landscape, patent insights and innovation patterns
  • Examine competitors and new entrants in the market through patent and non-patent literature
  • Enriching ideas to intellectual property in projects through creation and de-risking
  • Exceptional understanding to prior art and discovering opportunities to innovate
  • Embrace innovative idea and create business value
  • Efficient way to innovate and motivate in an organization
  • Enlightened by Ideation Questionnaire Summary insights
  • Extra-mile by sharing reports / insights on a regular basis