Intellectual Property Management

“Intellectual Property is the Cinderella of modern organisation by revealing her true value swept her to prominence”

Every organization has a reason for being. It might be a unique ability to offer a particular product or service, or it might arise from having been in the right place at the right time with certain set of capabilities. But at its core, your organisation probably relies on Intellectual Property (IP) far more than one can imagine.

The knowledge and their ability to innovate are frequently the differentiator between organizations that succeed and those that fail. Physical assets and traditional sources of competitive advantage such as manufacturing capability or location have far less relevance. The value of many of the world’s largest organisations is increasingly vested in knowledge-based, innovation driven and intangible assets. An economy based on these assets is often known as ‘Innovation Economy’.

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IP Portfolio Management:
We assist organisations in developing managing their IP Portfolio, which includes scheduled follow ups with various patent offices, trademark or copyright registry for proceedings such as reply to examination report, claim amendments, payment of renewal fees for maintenance of a patent, attending hearings, checking status of registration and other office actions.

IP Licensing and Commercialisation:
Drafting or negotiating a patent license is a complex task and requires certain expertise in order to avoid pitfalls or at least have their effects reduced. There should be win-win situation for both licensor and licensee in a good licensing agreement. We provide services for negotiation in different areas of technology.

IP Audit and Strategy Building:
Virtually all organisations have some Intellectual Property but unfortunately due to lack of awareness, most of the times they are unable to specifically identify it and as a result, fail to protect & exploit it. For assessment of such IP, it's always good idea to perform IP Audit to trace and protect the wealth of intangible assets an organisation possesses in the form of information, creative ideas, know-how etc. IP audit also involves review of IP processes in the organization followed by recommendations on how to improve the processes to safeguard and prevent misappropriation of sensitive forms of IP such as confidential information and trade-secret.

Ideas to IP - Helpdesk Services
Innomantra’s Intellectual property help desk services is a resource intended to provide clients’ Intellectual property matters with information and support related identifying inventive ideas by discovering inventors as a part of new product development in products, process and services. The purpose of Innomantra’s helpdesk guidance services is to enhance awareness, reduce cost and enable a structure for quality invention disclosures with quick feedback to inventors though prior art searches thus drive quality patents. We also support in-house help desks designed to provide assistance in organizations.

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Patentability of the invention (Prior art search)
Innomantra Consulting assess the invention and produces report on patentability based on which client can decide whether to file a patent or work further on the invention. Prior art search is also important to outline the scope of the claims while drafting the patent application and devising plans for further research in a particular area.

Freedom-to-Operate Analysis
Freedom-to-operate analysis or FTO analysis is used to determine whether a particular action, such as testing or commercializing a product, can be done without infringing valid intellectual property rights of others. The search scope includes enforced patents, published pending patent applications and expired patents followed by full review of claims of the most relevant located patents.

Technology Landscape Analysis
Based on technology landscape analysis, appropriate IP strategy, compliant with business strategy is devised for the organisations because a good IP strategy is a critical part of business plan and growth at any stage.

Validity Search
A validity/invalidity search seeks to uncover patents or other published prior art that may render a granted patent invalid. The search results consist of a search report, a claims mapping chart and citation of prior art. The results of the search are used to invalidate a patent involved in infringement litigation or to support due diligence and ascertain the validity of a patent.

Claim Chart Preparation
A claim chart is a highly detailed document that offers an argument explaining precisely how a certain product of a particular organization arguably infringes upon a claim of the patent. Claim charts are prepared to determine and establish the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product/technology.

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Drafting, Filing, Prosecution (Response to Office Action) Of Patents at Indian Patent Office As Well As PCT
With a team comprising of Patent Attorneys, Registered Patent Agents with strong technical background in various fields, we provide competent quality services in patent drafting, filing and prosecution in various areas of Science and Technology. We draft, file and prosecute patents not only at Indian Patent Office but also internationally (PCT filing).

Registration of Copyright, Trademark and Industrial Designs
At Innomantra Consulting, we offer trademark search and analysis along with the opinion on the chances of getting the trademark registered. We also offer filing and prosecution of application for trademark registration with Trademark Registry.

PCT National Phase Filing in India
we assist Foreign Individuals/organisations in filing and prosecution of PCT National Phase Applications at the Indian Patent Office.

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Intellectual Property has become the key factor for economic growth and advancement in the high technology sector. Therefore it is important to understand basic principles of IPR along with enforcement and infringement concepts as per national law provisions to ensure that IP developed in the organization is effectively protected and exploited. Additionally, it is equally important to understand that the organization is not using any third party's IP with or without knowledge.

Innomantra’s Flagship IP Workshops

  • Strategic IP Management for Technologists and Leaders
  • Ideas to Intellectual Property for Technologists
  • Advance Patent Analytics & IP Management

Innomantra Consulting provides basic and advanced skill development programmes on IPR to corporate as well as academic institutes. The workshop programs offered are customized to the requirements and in line with business strategy of the organization.

Public Workshops on IPR – In association with Finnegan (

  • Patents in a Knowledge Economy 2010 - Bangalore, India Keynote Speaker Dr.ViswanathanSeshan, Country Head IP & S – Philips India
  • Patents in a Knowledge Economy for Business Leaders 2011 – Bangalore, India Keynote Speaker Dr.Anindya Sarkar Associate Vice President & Head IP – Infosys Limited
  • Patents in the Innovation Economy 2012 – Chennai, India Organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry Keynote Speaker Mr. S.Chandrashekaran – Ex- Controller General of Patents, Trademark & Design, IP Office, India.

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