CILT - Innovation Studio

Spark – Discover Innovation Functional Innovation® Way with Generative AI

Unleash the power of generative AI in our intensive 1-3 day bootcamps. Guided by Innomantra’s renowned Functional Innovation® framework, you'll explore how to spark creativity and ignite innovation within your organization. These bootcamps provide a deep dive into the intersection of design thinking and AI, offering a transformative experience that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. Equip yourself with the skills to harness AI for generating breakthrough ideas and accelerating your innovation journey.

Flash – Discover Design Thinking / Functional Innovation® for Growth

Dive into the essentials of design thinking and functional innovation with our immersive 3-hour skills training workshops or Keynote. Perfect for professionals looking to enhance their problem-solving capabilities, these standalone sessions offer practical, hands-on experience in applying design thinking methodologies to real-world challenges. Learn how to ideate, prototype, and test innovative solutions that drive growth and create lasting impact.

Empower Innovation for Exponential Growth:

Through Design Thinking and Innovation Skills Unlock the potential of your organization with Design Thinking and Innovation Skills, empowering your team to discover and scale innovation enterprise-wide for exponential growth. By integrating these essential skills into your corporate culture, you foster an environment where creativity thrives, and groundbreaking ideas can flourish.

Innomantra’s Centre for Innovation Learning and Training (CILT) approach equips you with the methodologies and tools to systematically tackle complex problems, streamline processes, and develop innovative solutions that drive business success. Embrace a holistic strategy that not only generates new ideas but also scales them across your organization, ensuring sustained competitive advantage and exponential growth. Transform your enterprise into a powerhouse of innovation, ready to meet the challenges of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

Innomantra CILT has empowered more than 100+ organizations to realize their full potential through innovative thinking and strategic action. Embrace the future of innovation with confidence and capability.

Design Sprint with Functional Innovation®

Maximize the impact of your projects with our 1-2 day design sprints tailored to your organization’s core mission. Whether you're looking to solve complex problems, develop new products, or improve processes, our design sprints offer a structured approach to innovation. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions combine rapid prototyping and iterative testing to drive meaningful outcomes. Engage your team in a focused, collaborative effort that results in actionable insights and tangible progress.

Innovation Management System ISO56000

Transform your organization's approach to innovation with our comprehensive overview and deep dive into the ISO56000 Innovation Management System. Learn how to move beyond idea generation to effective implementation, leveraging a systematic framework that enhances your innovation capabilities. Our 1-2 day workshops provide practical guidance on establishing, maintaining, and improving an innovation management system that aligns with international standards, positioning your organization as a leader in innovation excellence.

Transforming Ideas to Intellectual Property

Discover the strategic importance of intellectual property in the knowledge-based economy. Our 1-2 day sessions offer an in-depth exploration of how to transform innovative ideas into valuable intellectual assets. Understand the processes and best practices for protecting, managing, and monetizing intellectual property, ensuring your organization maximizes its innovation potential. Learn from experts and gain insights into building a robust IP strategy that supports sustainable competitive advantage.