People Innovation

Does an organisation have what it takes to help people innovate? By just providing them the time to come up with great ideas does not yield result unless organisations provide them with the support and resources to develop their ideas into workable solutions. Organisation need be designed to ignite an incubator for great ideas rather than a cold-store for a backlog of ideas. While it may take one person to come up with a great idea, it takes much more resources to develop that into a great product or Service. Innomantra helps in designing and the implementation of an Innovation eco-system in organisations.

Discover Innovation

Every single organization is unique with its own set of values and practices. Some of these factors act as enablers for innovation whereas others hinder organisational innovation. Consequently to establish high level of innovativeness, it essential to minimize the factors that curtail innovation and encourage factors that foster it. To understand and study the presence of these factors in an organization, Innomantra uses its proprietary innovation diagnostic tool to assess the business unit on key parameters that have been shown to impact innovation in an organizational setting and reinvent.

Organizational Innovation

As organizations drives their leaders to create more innovative teams by inspiring them to practice rather than just talk about innovation. But the fact of the matter is that people who excel at something aren’t usually very good at pinpointing exactly what accounts for their skill, as new business ventures and increasingly eagle-eyed consumers, every organisation needs to drive for greater bearing and transforming ideas to win a spot as an industry leader. Innomantra brings value by helping organisations to energise greater thrust and enabling people to go deep and dare at their basic assumptions about creativity, progress and true leadership skills would be a change maker to move towards an Innovative organisation.

  • Leading Innovation: This intervention is designed for Leaders to be able to lead and support Innovation within the organization.
  • Inspire: This intervention aims at stimulating the mind to be inspired to innovate and works on break barriers to innovation and create an intrepreneurs’ mind-set.
  • Leading Change Within:This intervention would involve a psychometric assessment, which is used to develop leaders to know their own strengths and weaknesses that relate to building an Innovative Culture and Leading People.

Cultural Innovation

Modern organizations have brought about sensational progress for humanity in less than two centuries―the blink of an eye in the overall timeline of our species. None of the recent advances in human history would have been possible without organizations as vehicles for human collaboration. And yet, many people sense that the current way we run organizations has been stretched to its limits. We are increasingly disillusioned by organizational life. Innomantra helps organisations to invent a more powerful, more soulful, more meaningful way to work together, by enabling to change our belief.

Collaborative & Open Innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind growth and progress in any industry, and the core of any long term business strategy. While organisations do many different things to stimulate innovation, crowdsourcing has the highest leverage among small teams. Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Innovation lets leaders harness the creative capacity of people, get quick wins, scale impact and have measurable outcomes. With market competition at an all-time high, maximizing impact from your Collaborative Innovation program is mission critical.

Idea Management platform

  • Ideascale® - Collaborative & Open Innovation Platform to Build Innovation Communities in Medium to Large Enterprises, Government and Academia
  • Idea Crucible™ - Idea Smelting Tool for Small & Medium Enterprise

Open Innovation

Idea Community & Technology Scouting Management Speed is the need for Innovation, to boost and double the innovation power of the organisation. Innomantra helps the organisation to create innovation communities and manage to drive innovation challenges and technology within collaboratively and open up outside the organisation like Organisations, R&D firms, Universities, Start-ups and Private inventors.